Army- 2632

Academic Blocks

Primary Block
The pride of the school is the primary wing which has been established to provide excellent educational atmosphere to the students. Not only are the classrooms spacious but they are also well ventilated. Each classroom receives abundant of natural light. The children will be able to explore their various hidden talents as the building provides three activity rooms. The building ensures the safety of the students and at the same time provides enough space for the children to play within the premises.

Secondary Block
The academic recreational and co-curricular needs of the senior students will be well looked after in the secondary wing. This huge double story building has 32 classrooms and 12 activity rooms. These rooms are equally spacious and well ventilated. The block consist of four corridors which have adequate no. of water points and wash rooms. The canteen is also in close proximity to the block. The students are certain to feel rejuvenated in the fresh atmosphere.

Administrative Block
Among the other attractions of the building is the administration block. It has offices for the Principal and Vive-Principal, administration staff. This block also encompasses a book shop, a canteen and conference hall.

Chairman's Msg.

At APS Samba, we embrace a child centred philosophy that promotes creative thinking and lifelong learning. Our teachers are dedicated to inspire children to achieve the highest standards in all their endeavours as they progress their educational journey with us. Our school......