Army- 2632

Our Mission

Our motto is 'Truth is God', meaning the magnificence of Truth helps in the realisation of the almighty. Being truthful in all our endeavours we can strive better and excel in all aspects of life as an individual.

Thus our mission originates from truth and follows the path of honesty. Accomplishing the best in one and all stands as a landmark of our achievement.

Our mission comprises towards the holistic development of an individual where curriculum extends beyond classrooms. Focusing on multidimensional development of the personality, keeping in mind the body, heart and soul. We compete with ourselves everyday to reach out our hands to every singlestar that shines and radiates its light. We believe that there is no knowledge under this sky which cannot be achieved.

Our mission carries the aspirations of the learned as well as the learners to honestly develop the righteousness of a globalised forum of education.


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At APS Samba, we embrace a child centred philosophy that promotes creative thinking and lifelong learning. Our teachers are dedicated to inspire children to achieve the highest standards in all their endeavours as they progress their educational journey with us. Our school......